“I have been dealing with weight issues for a time attempting diets and programs without much success. Mrs. Semaan has provided assistance, in addressing the factors that contribute to my overeating habits. Thanks to hypnotherapy I have not managed to shed weight. Also gained a fresh outlook, on food and my own body. I highly recommend her services.”

Joyce Abou Issa

“Having struggled to quit smoking for years without success a close friend suggested I try out Mrs. Semaans hypnotherapy sessions. I must say, they worked like magic! Her sessions played a role, in helping me overcome my nicotine addiction. I am proud to say that I have been smoke free for over a year now. I am truly grateful to her, for restoring my health!”

Kamal Issa

“I used to have a time feeling good, about myself and lacked belief in areas of my life. Thanks, to Mrs. Semaans hypnotherapy sessions I was able to discover my strength and increase my self assurance. These empowering sessions have truly transformed how I see myself. How I engage with others. I even have a recorded session that I listen to whenever I need a boost.”

Gaelle Khoury

“I’ve been dealing with anxiety for quite some time. The sessions I’ve had with Mrs. Semaan have truly transformed my life. Their soothing and supportive approach, during hypnotherapy has empowered me to take charge of my anxiety. I can honestly say that I feel like a individual now all thanks, to their incredible expertise!”.

Sandra Chahine

“I had a fear of spiders that was completely taking control of my life. Mrs. Semaan was understanding and patient, during all my hypnotherapy sessions. With her guidance I confronted my fears. Slowly but surely managed to conquer my phobia. I can’t express gratitude to her for helping me get back control over my life.”

Ginane Feghaly